Wood Puzzles is a small family run business and we manufacture all of the products shown on this website. Due to the passing of our husband and father, Trevor, Wood Puzzles is currently experience a slow own in production. As he was our painter and box and chair maker, we have all had to re-examine our working processes. This has meant that Mark and Dianne have had to learn from scratch many of the techniques used to create these products.

Due to time spent caring for Trevor over the last couple of months and dealing with his recent passing, along with this adjustment in production, we have got a bit behind with our orders. Please bear with us and we will get your order out as quickly as we can….We will be continuing to operate Wood Puzzles and once we have caught up on our back orders we should be able to return to our ’28 day turnaround’ policy.
We appreciate the support we’ve received from you, our customers and supporters, over the years and we hope to continue to earn that support in the future.

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