We are able to supply moveable alphabet sets in the Australian State Scripts as well as generic script.
All letters are made in 3mm coloured MDF.  If magnetic.....the magnet covers the entire back of the letter or number.


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Sandpaper Letters - Capitals
Lower Case  Script  Letters -Magnetic
Upper Case Script Letters - Magnetic and Non-Magnetic
Large Movable Alphabet - Magnetic
Sandpaper Letters - Lower Case
Small Moveable Alphabet
Large Moveable Alphabet
Small  Moveable Alphabet Storage Box
Lower Case Script Letters - Magnetic and Non-Magnetic
Alphabet Board
Sandpaper  Phonograms
Letters and Numbers Set - Magnetic
Alphabet Pack - Raw Plywood
Sandpaper Multiple Phonograms
Sandpaper Successive Seventeen Phonograms
Small Moveable Alphabet-magnetic