Guest Book A2 Puzzle Box
Product #1953
Your photo made into a jigsaw puzzle with pieces large enough for guests to write their special message. Puzzle comes in it's own timber storage box.

puzzle pieces

Picture box lid image

Back of pieces coated

If wanting a message please write::

Product Description

Using your own special photo we can make it into a timber jigsaw puzzle stored in it's own timber box with or without the image printed on the lid.

A2 size Picture can be cut into a puzzle of 48, 96,150 pieces. Or it can be adjusted to the number of guest/pieces required. The picture is sublimate printed onto the timber and then given a gloss coating, giving a lasting finish.

The back of the pieces  can be  coated to give a write-on surface for that special message or for your guests to sign.

To make it easier to construct the puzzle the same image can be printed on the lid, or if you want it as a real challenge it can be left blank, or have a name printed on.

Photos can be sent to Please make sure that they are of a high enough resolution to allow it to be enlarged to A2 size.

 Approximate Puzzle size is 60cm x 42cm
 48 piece puzzle -pieces approx      7    x  6.7  cm
 60 piece puzzle - pieces approx     6.4 x  5.5  cm
 96 piece puzzle - pieces approx     5    x  4.7  cm
110 piece puzzle - pieces approx    5.2  x  4    cm  
150 piece puzzle - pieces approx    4    x  3.7  cm
204 piece puzzle - pieces approx    3.3 x  3.3  cm
408 piece puzzle  - pieces approx   2.4  x 2.4  cm
Storage box size is 30cm x 20cm x 6cm