Craft Letter Starter Pack
Product #6520
Letter pack of 5 of each consonants and 10 of each vowel (155 letters)

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Product Description
For those starting out with their new venture using small craft letters we offer a START UP pack of 5 of each consonant and 10 of each vowel in your chosen font and size up to 10cm. Letters can be raw, undercoated or painted a single colour.
We will also include our ongoing 'trade and wholesale' pricelist and conditions for future ordering.

This pack allows the initial amount of letters for you to have 'on hand' to start your project and then place ongoing orders for letters as supplies get low.........

Letters  are cut in  3mm  or 4.75mm MDF.
Letters can be EITHER upper case or lower case.
Letters  can be up to 10cm high in the choice of script. See MDF Letter scripts.

For an additional cost letters can be undercoated or painted.