Sandpaper Successive Seventeen Phonograms
Product #9016
17 tiles. Used in LEM program

State script

Product Description
17 Phonogram sandpaper letter tiles are made on green use with the LEM (Light Educational Ministries) Program or to extend the phonograms range
Phonograms included are:
                   eigh           tch          oe         ough      dge
                   ph              ti            ci           si          ie
                   ei              augh       gn          gu          gh
                   sc           eu             

Sandpaper letters are attached to 12 x 18cm tiles. (5 tiles are wider 24 x18cm)
Letters are aligned so that the tiles can be used for word building in conjunction with  other sandpaper letters.

Comes with timber storage box.

Available in chosen state or generic font.